Information on Potential Relationship Between 

First Baptist Church Chappell Hill & Citadel Christian School

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 11/12/2020

Why was this kept confidential from the rest of the church all of this time?


Citadel Christian School requested this confidentiality until the announcement of the motion due to ongoing negotiations with Redeemer Church. This was especially important initially, as none of us knew whether the two entities would / could coexist until we researched our own set of concerns.


Why is Citadel leaving the campus that currently houses the school?


To pursue a tenant relationship that is more supportive of the school program; one that has missional and ministry objectives that align more closely with the school. 


Does the vote for the school include approving building new buildings or facilities of some kind?


The vote for Citadel to use our facilities is not a vote for any additional construction other than that which is necessary to make this facility compatible. Additional buildings, pavilions, etc. will   be considered first as a need from church growth. We do expect an impact on our growth as a

result of this relationship.


If we approve the school, are we planning on building them a building to have school in?


As stated in the previous question, the prospect of new construction will be aimed at providing for growth from the church. The school should enhance this, but will also benefit from any new construction. This will be left up to the planning committee, for recommendations.


If we approve the school are we going to build a pavilion for them?


Same as the previous answer.


How much is it going to cost FBCCH to have CCS use our building?


We will pay for capital improvements as it is our building, however, the operation costs from increased energy usage, custodial services, and maintenance will be prorated between the church’s and the school’s percentage of use.

At this time, the initial capital outlay is limited to putting a wall in the conference room to make two rooms out of one and adding a door to the hall for the newly created office. 


How are we going to keep things separate in the Sunday school classrooms between CCS and FBCCH?


CCS will provide lockable storage cabinets that will handle their supplies. Additional storage possibilities will be discussed as needed.


What are the terms of the lease?


The lease will be drawn up as soon as Citadel has approved the invitation from FBCCH to move their school program to FBCCH.  It will be some form of multi-year lease evaluated on an annual basis.


What happens if the school fails?


That will be addressed in the lease agreement. Note: they are currently self-sustaining and have no debt.


Will the school eventually become part of the church?


Not in the plans at this time. They are an independent entity.


If the school uses our buildings, who ultimately has authority for the building?


There will be a liaison appointed between the two that will be responsible for tracking events and facility usage, however, the school understands that this is first of all a church.


What about weddings and funerals?


The administration will station teachers and personnel in areas where there may be overlap.  When appropriate, students will remain in their classroom. The students will have an excellent opportunity to learn about respect and honor in these situations. This has worked successfully in other church schools.


When the church votes, how will the vote be handled? 


The intention is by secret ballot


What percentage of vote will be required for the motion to pass?


This can be discussed, but a 2/3’s majority is expected to be the minimum vote for the motion to pass.


What happens after the vote?


FBCCH will present the results of the vote to CCS.  If the motion passes, CCS will then decide whether to accept the invitation to use the FBCCH facility to house their school program. 


Are the members of FBCCH who are also employed by CCS going to be allowed to vote?


As members of FBCCH, they have every right to participate in the vote for or against the motion.  They also have the right to pass and not vote at all.


How is the partition wall in the parlor going to affect wedding parties and funerals?


Even as we approach the day of the vote, the committee is still working on planning and processing.  There will be no structural changes to the parlor room.  The diagram from the handout is now obsolete in regard to the Parlor.  The libraries for CCS and FBCCH will fit nicely along the walls of the parlor leaving lots of room for Sunday school class(es), weddings and funerals, etc.


Who will be responsible for getting the rooms ready for Church services and activities?


CCS will be responsible for ensuring the rooms are ready for church services on Sunday and ready for school again for Monday morning. 

Wednesday night meetings and activities can be handled by the groups using the individual rooms.  Other meetings (deacons’ meetings, special ministries, committee meetings, etc.) and activities on other nights can be handled by the people using the room. 


What will the church have to do to for the school in regard to the RV park being built next door? 


The church is going to have to deal with the RV park next door whether we have a school or not.  So, the church is not doing anything at this point “for the school” in regard to the RV park. The school may decide to make procedural changes in their activities or location of outdoor activities, but that is totally up to them.


How will CCS working out of our building affect our insurance?


Our insurance company has said that our policy is appropriate and no changes have to be made.  CCS will have increases to their insurance.


How is security going to be handled?


CCS at a minimum will have to abide by the procedures of FBCCH policy, but they will have to create a policy that is specific to the location they inhabit.  CCS’s current security policy is for separate buildings and must be adapted to being in different rooms within one building. 

Otherwise, CCS is responsible for their own security during the times they are using the facility and FBCCH is responsible for providing security for the times they use the facilities. 


How is internet and phone service going to be handled?


Actually, FBCCH is currently researching how to create a more functional system for ourselves.  Current research shows promise that a different system could be less expensive and handle CCS’s needs as well.



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